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Most coaches tend to define their coaching success by either their following, their income, or their client testimonials, and their strongest business decisions. Therefore, understanding that such a sensitive business is like a game of chess, making the right decision is paramount for scalability and organic business growth. We have built the entire Boot Prints Model around the needs of transitioning military. We aim to provide stellar customer experiences, and to support both business and spiritual leaders to-be, just like you--that you may lead your tribe, pack, or spiritual movement as a part of a collective - with like minds so that you ALL thrive!

So what sets BootPrintsInTheSand.Org apart? It's likely not what you think. It's what we stand for! We do not support traditional business education, nor do we believe in organized systems that are so strict, they do not allow for health creativity. Leaving creativity in the mix, we house only the best and proven business leaders, highly successful entrepreneurs, including Metaphysicians, Ministers, Evangelists, Light Workers, Modern Day Sages, and the select few that call themselves Earth Angels, yet have viable businesses that are thriving. We do not shun the spiritually chosen, simply because their path may not fit perfectly into the fabric of old-time religion or sets of modern-day belief in spirituality and business. We embrace the misfits, the eclectic, eccentric, and the outcasts that have a following, and have proven that a great number of the population agrees with their sentiments. Therefore, we have 'Three Rules for qualifying for our Coaching Roster if you're interested in qualifying as a coach;


1. You Must Have a Following of at least 5K people / members or more, since this is very easy to do in a short period of time.

2. Your methods must not have any victims and should uplift humanity.

3. Never Criticize Staff, Members, or Registrants for ANY Reason!

(Or you will be removed from the community)


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